“There are no impossible dreams, just our limited perception of what is possible.”

A void avoided; a future to embrace.

Professional Contemporary Artist, I am passionate about colours to create the subject. I try to find the balance between the exact form and abstract elements in textures, lines and layers. I believe that the art should send a message, evoke positive emotions and beauty in it’s own way, to transcend boundaries.
I use a variety of materials, canvas works mainly, acrylic paint, spray paint, inks and resin. The works are abstract in the sense that they unravel self exploration of identity, memories and environments. Thoughts, emotions, colours and landscapes, sounds, music and conversations all influence the work making emotive pieces.
As an artist I draw from within…my artworks pure they hold a real intimacy.
I have always been interested in art techniques, expressions in different mediums and materials. I am constantly pushing myself and learning something new.
My sculpture emerges even more so from (within). The stone speaks to me, I carve and chip away towards where that I am gravitated too. I am committed to where it wants to form. You can’t replace what you have taken out!
My print and photography artworks show several different dimensions crisscrossing on perpendicular planes, more abstract in the mindset of change and changing. Thoughts, memories, emotions, fluctuating influences of space and surroundings play a big part.
They take on a more urban twist… reminiscent of my time growing up in Margate. The use of text and graffiti making an appearance. Reworking and tweaking works in a cycle ultimately following through to the next works.

Ever evolving.


Acrylic paint, inks, resin and spray paint on canvas. The first of a series of works.

Construct to Deconstruct

Photographs taken of completed Void paintings, manipulated digitally.
Fine Art giclee prints, printed on Hahnemuhle photo rag 308 gsm paper. Ultrachrome HDX inks.


Photographed canvas work reconstructed digitally using a softer approach with the use of nature. Photographed locally.
Fine Art Giclee prints printed on Hahnemuhle photo rag 308 gsm paper. Ultrachrome inks.


Is what it is… some manipulated.


Series of Margate’s Lido. Photographed work, digitally manipulated.
Fine Art giclee prints printed on Hahnemuhle photo rag 308 gsm paper. Ultra chrome HDX inks.

New Ventures

Sculpture and other mediums.


Newest work looking into ‘Sites’, mainly man-made. Ongoing development of work that could manifest in various different mediums.

Paintings and Drawings

Paintings and drawings ongoing in various mediums.

Earlier Works

Earlier works mainly print based other works in various different mediums.